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This is short English version of our website, English version will expand…

We are czechoslovakian wolfdog kennel since 2008, when we made our first litter – A z Devínskej. The second litter came into the world in 2010 – B z Devínskej. Two years later in 2012 we made our third litter – C z Devínskej. Mother of all our litters is amazing Elar z Oravy – born in 2005, we call her Vega. She is very friendly to people and beautiful silver-grey colored. Vega is really excellent mother. Vega is now 12 years old and she enjoys the “retirement” age, but she is still in good condition :)
In december 2014 was born our fourth puppies – D z Devínskej, which mother is Bonie z Devínskej. In january 2016 was born puppies – E z Devínskej, which mother is Bellari z Devínskej.
our Vega - Elar z Oravy our Vega - Elar z Oravy
We are a small kennel from Slovakia, where we breed pure breed czechoslovakian wolfdog puppies for pleasure.
The parents of our puppies is subject to three main criteria: health, character and exterior.

We are planning litters in winter 2016!!!
mother will be Caylin z Devínskej, more info here

We are planning litters in spring 2017!!!
mother will be Bonie z Devínskej


If you are interested in a puppy from us, please feel free to contact me:
adress: Bratislava, Slovakia

3 thoughts on “ENGLISH version

  1. Dear
    I am interested in buying a puppy when the next litter . I am interested in the price , mode of delivery and documents for getting a dog .
    Best regards

    • hi iam zeev iam interestimg on cz dog ihad 20 years cz dogs from sk i had puppey of world chmpion 2006 posibil i will be im the show 18 2 2017 jn bratislava send me pleace jnformation about pupp[ies thanks zeev

  2. Hello,

    My name is Stefan Bancila and i’m from Romania. I’m interested to buy a male puppy from you. Do you have something available? If you have i want some pictures. Thank you very much

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