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We are czechoslovakian wolfdog kennel since 2008, when we made our first litter – A z Devínskej. The second litter came into the world in 2010 – B z Devínskej. Two years later in 2012 we made our third litter – C z Devínskej. Mother of all our litters is amazing Elar z Oravy – born in 2005, we call her Vega. She is very friendly to people and beautiful silver-grey colored. Vega is really excellent mother. Vega is now 12 years old and she enjoys the “retirement” age, but she is still in good condition 🙂
In december 2014 was born our fourth puppies – D z Devínskej, which mother is Bonie z Devínskej. In january 2016 was born puppies – E z Devínskej, which mother is Bellari z Devínskej. In 2017 we have – F z Devínskej (mother Bonie z Devínskej) and G z Devínskej (mother Caya z Devínskej). After 3 years, in 2020, was born H z Devínskej (mother Deva z Devínskej). Second puppies after Deva z Devínskej was born in 2021 – CH z Devínskej.
our Vega - Elar z Oravy our Vega - Elar z Oravy
We are a small kennel from Slovakia, where we breed pure breed czechoslovakian wolfdog puppies for pleasure.
The parents of our puppies is subject to three main criteria: health, character and exterior.

We are planning litters in winter 2022!!!
mother will be Greysi z Devínskej (litter I)


If you are interested in a puppy from us, please feel free to contact me:
adress: Bratislava, Slovakia

6 thoughts on “ENGLISH version

  1. Dear
    I am interested in buying a puppy when the next litter . I am interested in the price , mode of delivery and documents for getting a dog .
    Best regards

    • hi iam zeev iam interestimg on cz dog ihad 20 years cz dogs from sk i had puppey of world chmpion 2006 posibil i will be im the show 18 2 2017 jn bratislava send me pleace jnformation about pupp[ies thanks zeev

  2. Hello,

    My name is Stefan Bancila and i’m from Romania. I’m interested to buy a male puppy from you. Do you have something available? If you have i want some pictures. Thank you very much

  3. Hello, I sent an email but did not receive a reply, it may be spam.
    I would like to buy a female czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy from you.
    If it is possible, please let me know: when, for how much, what is included in the price, and pictures of the parents. If there is no puppy for sale, please provide the address of another breeder.
    Thank you…

      • I’m sorry, your dogs are very nice. When is another litter expected? How much will the remaining boy puppies cost? When they can be taken away?

        Thanks for the information. Unfortunately there is no English version on the website, I can’t use it. If you know a breeder, please send me their website address.

        (You can also write directly to my email address)

        thank you.

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